Simple and easy - Step 1

You probably already know the crypto currency, and most likely you already know that they can be collected every 5 minutes for free.Below is a list of cranes as well as sites that enable us to earn a little crypto currency.

All you need to earn on these sites:

1. Pass a short registration on the sites

2. Log into your account and start collecting the Crypto currency

3. Withdraw and cash your crypto currency

Here you will earn a % bonus which builds up for every consecutive day that you make at least one faucet claim.

This bonus increases by 1% per day, up to a maximum of 100% (which means your faucet payouts are doubled!!!)

So for example, if you made a claim yesterday and then make another claim today you will get a bonus of 1% on top of your usual claim amount. 

If you then claim again tomorrow, your bonus will increase to 2%, then 3% the day after and so on up to 100%. However if you miss a day then your bonus will reset back to 0% and you must build it up again.

So simply make a faucet claim at least once every day and your earnings will Grow!!

Successful collection and good mood for you.

                             You can claim every 5 minute <<Click here

                               You can claim every 5 minute <<Click here


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